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Big Bertha leaving Silver Spring, MD home of K1DQV

All the Big Bertha and antennas loaded at Roger, K1DQV place. L to R Yuri, K3BU, Roger, K1DQV and Jim, the backhoe loader.

History was made - Tesla RC station fired up in the July 2006 IARU contest from its new home on Tesla's 150th birthday with special call N2T and placed 2nd in NE division of US

N8T 160 m US record and #1 US on CW and
K8V #2 in the World and #1 US on SSB
in 2006 CQ WW 160 m Contests by Tesla RC members
K3BU operating from W8LRL station with special calls,
celebrating Tesla's birthday.

Cleanup and restoration has begun! See Chronology

Nikola Tesla Radioclub was founded in October of 1996 by Yuri Blanarovich, K3BU. Being long time admirer of this great Slavic engineering genius, coming from the similar family background and seeing relative neglect of recognition for Tesla, he decided to honor this great man and the first Radio Amateur by establishing Amateur Radioclub and a Tesla Museum.

The goal is to build modern competitive amateur radio station, which would participate in international radio contests, serve as an incubator for young amateurs and future professionals. Members of the club are dedicated to the pursuit of pushing the limits of technology and operating on radio waves, to promote advancement through competition and to sponsor events to promote Nikola Tesla and Amateur Radio.

Amateur Station call signs are N2EE and NT1E, with special event calls that were used from Canada, Nova Scotia - VA1A and VC1A, from West Virginia N8T and K8V (2006) and from it's new home in Bayville, NJ operated as N2T - celebrating Tesla's 150th birthday. There were several operations under the club calls and several record scores achieved in the contests.

We sponsor TESLA World Radiosport Championship Contest, Trophies and Awards, participate in various emergency operations, contests and are working hard to build the club, station and a museum.

We have obtained lease on the old WOO Ocean Gate AT&T site for Tesla Radio Club station and museum at Bayville, NJ and are looking for dedicated individuals willing to help materialize our goals. The cleanup and restoration has started in the Spring of 2006. The building is in need of major repairs, numerous broken windows, walls and floors are peeling, basement is flooded, leaking roof, rusting metal hardware, utilities need to be restored. Antennas are in need of major overhaul and repair, many were vandalized.

The Phase One is to restore the infrastructure, establish the Club station and repair antennas.

The Phase Two is to set up the multimedia theater and meeting room.

The Phase Three is to start furnishing the museum and setup of exhibits and collection of historical materials with publishing on the web site.

We have registered Tesla Radio Foundation, a not for profit 501 (c)3 NJ corporation with intent to solicit corporate and individual donations for the purpose of restoration and equipping the station and museum as well as continuing operation. Any support in the form of financial donations, equipment, advice and labor contributed to this worthy project is greatly appreciated and tax deductible acknowledgement will be issued.

We hope that you will enjoy our web site and learn about Tesla, history of communications, Amateur Radio and have a chance to visit our NJ site.

Contact Information

Yuri Blanarovich, K3BU  973 227-0712, cell 973 220 0087
Location (mail is not delivered there)
83 Bayview Ave., Bayville, NJ 08721
Mailing address
Tesla RC, Box 9, Bayville, NJ 08721
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