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No, it's not our private jet, but one belonging to Oakley's company, that just happened to have N2T registration, which was special callsign used by the Tesla RC to commemorate Nikola Tesla's 150th birthday in July 2006 and operated in IARU - WRTC 2006 contest in a single op, low power category by Yuri, K3BU. 950 contacts were made with 160 - 10 m bands and all continents using one of the South rhombics and a Discone antennas.

This was the first operation by the Tesla RC from the new Tesla Home in Bayville, NJ.


The first 2006 Low Banders chili party at the Tesla House and K3BU Beach House.
L. to R. Yuri, K3BU, Wal, W8LRL, Jim, WA2RJP, John, N2NC and Gene, N2AA

John, N2NC and Gene, N2AA could not get enough of Wal's famous chili. Oooh sooo good!

Chef Wal, W8LRL himself and Jim, WA2RJP can't get over how good it was.




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Last modified: 03/07/12