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TESLA CUP Country Directors - Coordinators

a dedicated team of people promoting and coordinating Tesla Cup Contest in their countries/regions

(Calls listed indicate those that were approached, those having Name and E-mail listed are those who agreed to serve.)

Country/Region Call Name E-mail
Argentina LU5CW
Austria OVSV
Bulgaria LZ2PO
Brazil PY5EG
Belgium ON4UN
Bosnia Herzegovina T97C Sejo Sudic Sudic@verizon.net
Canada VA3UZ Yuri Onipko va3uz@rac.ca
Croatia, Cyprus 9A3A, 5B4ADA Ivo Pezer 9a3a@spidernet.com.cy
Czech Republic OK2RZ
Finland OH2MM
Germany DF4RD
Great Britain GM4FDM
Hungary HA2MN Tibor Zentai HA2MN@freemail.hu
Italy I4UFH
Israel 4X4NJ
Poland SP5EWY
Portugal CT1EEB
Russia UA6LU
Salvador YS1RR Raymundo Rodriguez Diaz ys1rrd@sal.gbm.net
Slovakia SARA
Slovenia S51A, S50U
Sweden SM3CER
Thailand HS0/G3NOM Ray Gerrard g3nom@ibm.net
Ukraine UU1JA
Venezuela RCV
USA K4UU Gary Hext k4uu@hotmail.com
Hawaii, Pacific KH6GMP Gary Belche kh6gmp@shaka.com

If you are interested in being your country/region director and help to promote Tesla Cup in your area (translating rules, coordinating feedback, organizing trophies within the country), please E-mail K3BU


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Last modified: 03/07/12