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This is what we have found inside. 

Welcome to the basement, after pumping out 5 feet of water. Water tanks and distribution.


Controls emerged.


Documentation in the "copper room" an peeling paint from the copper covered walls.


Tell that to the pigeons!


Pigeons were here and "marked"  whole second floor like this.


After AT&T left, time passed, pigeons came, messy and smelly all around.

Typical picture all over the building, leaking roof, peeling paint, crumbling walls, rusty hardware.


Got some coax?


Cannibalized transmitters (no guts) and antenna hybrid couplers.


What's left of the past high power glory.


...and after some cleanup:

Entrance to the cafeteria/shack at the second floor.


View of the future shack room, previously used as a cafeteria.


Shack room with door to the rooftop patio. Peeling paint, crumbling walls, leaking roof.


Transmitter alley on the second floor.


Old transmitters with most of the guts cannibalized.

View of the Collins row and antenna matrix switch


Control console for the Delta matrix antenna switch.


Matrix antenna switch that switches between 40 antennas and 16 transmitters.


Back side of the antenna switch with 50 ohm hardlines.


One of the rhombic baluns, from open wires to coax.


Two feedlines from the phased rhombics. AC duct behind.


Rhombic open wire feeders going out to the field through glass windows.


Neatly organized Heliax feedlines from the baluns, LPs and Discones.


Distribution of Nitrogen to pressurize the coax lines.



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Last modified: 03/07/12