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Proposal for

Tesla Radio Club & Communications Museum

at old AT&T Ocean Gate site

 After our failed attempts to participate in Mr. LaFrance’s group and seeing that they have given up on their project of resurrecting the AT&T site we are proposing Berkeley Township to give us a chance to restore the site to serve the public and Amateur Radio community.


Significance of the Ocean Gate AT&T site.

            There is a rich history behind the site going back to pioneering days of wireless communications, service during the wars and keeping communications with the maritime traffic and remote points on other continents. This was one of the most remarkable installations in the world and one of very few left in existence. Due to its location on the marshes, there should be no desire to use the land for development and a pressure to liquidate the site. Eventually the site should be preserved as a Historical Site and potentially attraction for the public to visit and learn about the origins of wireless communications, genius Nikola Tesla, see the home of Tesla Radio Club, operational Ham Radio station club facilities and learn about Amateur Radio. In case of disasters or homeland security emergencies this would serve as an effective communications center.


Purpose of the proposed restoration:


1. Tesla Radio Club, N2EE
            Functioning, competitive Amateur Radio station, which will serve as a premier contesting station representing USA in the International Competitions, with potential to be the top scoring and record setting contender.

            Serving as a training facility for Radio Amateurs.

            Serving area Radio Clubs, providing storage and meeting facilities.

Sophisticated hub for disaster communications, ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service), MARS (Military Amateur Radio Service) link to troops overseas and homeland security services.

We have FCC amateur radio license for the club with callsigns N2EE and NT1E, allowing us to operate and transmit on amateur bands.


2. Tesla Wireless Museum

Having exhibits about Nikola Tesla contributions to invention of radio and wireless communications - “From Tesla to Satellites”.

Exhibit about original AT&T site and ship to shore communications.


3. Library and multimedia meeting room - theater.

Library with collection of radio related books and magazines.

Meeting room with modern multimedia presentation setup to serve associated groups and public for meetings, presentations and educational sessions.

We are proposing that Tesla RC will coordinate the project, be responsible for the cleanup and upkeep of facilities.

We will work with local ham radio clubs, township, American Radio Relay League, Homeland Security, ARES, MARS.

We will register 501 c (3) NFP corporation in order to solicit support and funds from corporations and donors to help to maintain the facility.

We will try to obtain the status of Registered Historical Site in order to protect the site for the future generations.

We have registered Internet web site www.TeslaRadio.org and will maintain it in order to promote the site and township to the public.


We will clean up and restore relevant parts of the site, no need for contractor to remove any of the equipment.

We will work with Berkeley Township in coordinating any efforts related to the above goals. Any assistance would be appreciated. We can assist township with any communications needs and problems.

 We would appreciate positive response to our proposal, negotiate any necessary arrangements and hope to start work on restoration before the winter weather does any further deterioration to the building and facilities.



Yuri Blanarovich, P.Eng., M.Sc.
President Tesla Radio Club


email K3BU@aol.com,

tel. 973 808-1970, (Bayville 732 606-1447)

cell phone 973 220-0087

fax 973 808-1981



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Last modified: 03/07/12