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Documenting progress of cleanup and restoration.


Lacey Township Fire Dept. to the rescue! Don, K2HCW local plumber "supervising".


Bill, N2WFU filling up the pump. (:-)

Lacey Twshp FD pumper sending the water to the skies.


Two top Topbanders on the top floor taking out trash Wal, W8LRL and Yuri, K3BU

Big Gun with big broom, W8LRL.


Main entrance after some weed and debris removal.


Don, K2HCW and war on weed jungle.


Little tractor mover attacking big brush.


Rick, K2XT declaring victory over another cedar invador.


Manual Yuri, K3BU and Motorized Don, K2HCW posing for posterity


Yuri, K3BU pulling the guy wires and anchor tube out of the mud.


Making temporary attachment of all three guy wires to the pole.

Back in (temporary) business, 100 ft tower supporting sloping Log Periodic array is safer.

Damaged siding on the roof, causing leaks in the ceilings, 4 spots like this.


Naked wall, cause of leaks in the shack room.

More to fix, AC units and fans rusted, roof covering wrinkled away from the walls.




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Last modified: 03/07/12