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N2EE - NT1E Tesla House at Bayville, NJ

View of the building with supports for open wire feeders for Rhombics, as seen from Bayview Ave south.


View from the parking lot, looking south.


House, fuel tanks and garage as seen from the floody antenna "grounds"


"Landscaping" around the building.


Proof that weeds can grow on asphalt.


Tower parts coral.


Coral with main transformer and tower hardware.


Kerosene tanks and open wire feeder supports for rhombics.


Rhombic feeders entrances to the building.


Exhaust duct from the transmitters with loading door for second floor.


Rhombics over salt water marshes and Barnegat Bay with Hwy 37 bridge to Seaside Heights.


Looking east at low tide.


View of one of the Discones in harmony with osprey nest atop.

Ospreys just love the antenna towers, another nest atop of one of wooden poles.


Discone base and feedpoint with balun and radials and fallen osprey nest "building parts".


Looking through the rhombics feeders alley.

One of the double legged rhombic ends, termination wires are made of open wire line folded on itself few times.


Road to the end of the peninsula of the rhombic poles forest


Antenna field with high tide rising, road disappears, liquid "perfect ground" raises.

Two of the 100 ft LP sloping wire Log Periodic Array supporting towers at rising tide.


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Last modified: 03/07/12