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The STRIPES Awards are devised to promote operation from rare grid locator places, to increase and reward participation in the Tesla Cup Contest and to provide incentives for long term collectors of grid locators and stripes.

The Stripes Awards are issued for contacts with a minimum number of Maidenhead grid locator Stripes per band as indicated below. Grid locators are designated by a combination of two letters and two numbers. Stripes are designated by a combination of first two letters and a first number following the letters. I.e. FN2. How to calculate your grid locator ID from your latitude and longitude coordinates can be found on http://www.arrl.org/locate/grid.html.

For US cities the Grid Locator ID can be found on

The minimum number of Stripes needed to initially qualify for each individual band award is as follows:

Single Band Awards - 500

All Band Award - 2000

Awards are issued and Honor Roll scores kept for CW, PHONE and MIXED modes.

Only those contacts made during the TESLA CUP Contests dated 2007 or later are creditable for Stripes purposes. The exchange in the Tesla Cup contest consists of call sign, QSO serial number and four character grid locator code. The credits must be accumulated with the same callsign.

Since credits for this award can be accumulated (no time limit) only during the Tesla Cup Contest and all logs are available for public viewing and verification of contacts, there is no need to provide QSL cards. Cumulative standings and Honor Roll will be available at Tesla RC home page and they will be automatically updated after each running of the contest. Certificates can be downloaded and printed by the applicant. Printed color certificates are available for a nominal fee.

Achievements can be displayed on QSL cards in the format 160 CW STRIPES 350, 10 PHONE STRIPES 400, ALL STRIPES 3456, etc.

Tesla Cup rules and more information can be found at www.TeslaRadio.org



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Last modified: 03/07/12